Please use this contact form to tell us if you can volunteer, want more information or want to adopt one of our animals.   If you need help with your pet(s).   If you need assistance with providing vet care, please fill out our medical assistance form.

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  1. Susan Salvatore

    I’m trying to help a friend find a good home for a 1 year old choc lab they recently adopted. He is fixed, house-broken and up-to-date on his shots. He’s great with people. He’ll probably do better in a home as the only dog. It didn’t work out with their alpha male. They are afraid the alpha male will hurt him if they don’t find him another home. His name is Beau. I have photos to send of him.

    How do we get him on the list for adoption? Do you have a place for him to stay until he is adopted? They don’t want for him to get hurt.

    Please advise on your process.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Anna Greene

    I do not see anymore information for Luna. I filled out an adoption application and have not received any information. Can you please contact me. I have been very anxiously waiting.

  3. Kim Stockslager

    I sent in an application for either Berkeley or Oakland a few weeks ago and was wondering how I would go about putting a deposit down. Thank you

  4. Tina Randle

    I am interested in adopting poly the gray and white polydactyl kitty if she is still available. I can be reached by phone or text at 302-500-0228. Thanks!

  5. Ginger Pasquale

    I am trying to get help with placing 3 dogs, they are in need of a safe place until they can be adopted by 5\10. Please contact me by email or phone 443-406-6322

  6. marcy vaughn

    Do you guys still needs linens comforters towels for the rescue for dogs and cats?
    I work for a hotel and we have bags were giving away of our old usuable because
    we just got new linens such at our hotel!!Please email me as soon as possible so
    i can get them to you.

    Thank you


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