Update on Tink

We wanted to update you about Tink with our latest Facebook posts (going backwards).  After she came home from UPENN, we had a scare but, now after another surgery, we believe that she is out of the woods.   Here’s the rest of Tink’s story

January 11

tinkdkdkSo I finally met Tink….our $10k dog….I just HAD to see what all the hype was about…..
I’ll tell you what, this little girl is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY that has been spent on her…
She is amazingly docile (the good drugs she’s on may help this….) and wants nothing more than love.

So many people have come together to help her…We are so very thankful to everyone that has played a part in Tink’s story…
Christie for rescuing her initially.
Seaford Animal Hospital for everything they have all done for her along the way (including waiving the fee for her last surgery).
Shannon for dropping everything to take her to UPENN.
UPENN for saving Tink’s life and hooking us up with the rescue discount!
Savannah for stepping up and performing the needed surgery today at the drop of a hat.
Holley for fostering her and going above and beyond to make sure she gets whatever she needs.
Dr. Christie for being her guardian angel ..and if all the doggies agree. …for stepping up to give her her happily ever after.
tink 30303030AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT DONATED TOWARDS TINK’S CARE. (We were able to raise all but about $1500 of what we put out on her. The rest was either waived or her future mama ( hopefully) covered it.)

The fact that this girl is still alive and will now have her perfect forever family is nothing short of a miracle…..
They say it takes a village. The Grass Roots Rescue village definitely showed up for Tink.

January 11, 1 pm
Tink had a setback so Dr. Clarke, at Savannah, performed a Colopexy (suturing the colon to an interior wall to prevent it from prolapsing) on Tink and also spayed her while she was under to hopefully prevent any further surgeries.
The Doc reports the surgery was a success and this will hopefully prevent any more prolapses and allow Tink to truly recover…for real this time…

Tink is awake and doing well. Her foster will be picking her up later this evening. We will update everyone further when we can.

January 10,  10:37 pm

We wanted to let everyone know Tink is home and she is doing incredibly well!! She went to visit her friends at Seaford Animal Hospital today so they were amazed at how much better she looks!! Tink still has a ways to go before she is fully recovered but it’s safe to say she’s well on her way and our girl is finally out of the woods!!

Below is our invoice from Tink’s stay at UPENN. As you can see, the bill totaled $8300….shew….thankfully, we got a 20% rescue discount which lowered our total to $6740 (The total is on the last page of the invoice. The amount on the receipt on the first page was the balance we owed after making two payments throughout Tink’s stay.). So far we have been able to raise $5200 towards Tink’s medical care. That is AMAZING and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Tink is a VERY lucky little lady to have soooooo many good people behind her.

We are asking everyone to please continue to share Tink’s story and donate if you are able. Her stay at UPENN still left our medical fund $1500 in the hole, and we’d like to recoup some of that if possible so that we can continue to help animals in need. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on our FB page or website (www.grrde.org) and are tax deductible.

One final thing we’d like to say tonight…

A GINORMOUS thank-you to Dr. Wade and Seaford Animal Hospital, and all their staff…..they have waived Tink’s bill for her last surgery and hospital stay!!!! We cannot express just how thankful we are to them for their generosity. It takes a pretty special group to do something like that 💚

Keep sending prayers and positive thoughts Tink’s way….it seems to be working!

tink bill

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