Tink’s Story

tink345Our village has come together to save the life of Tink, the little black pitty who was thrown out of a car.  We are so grateful to all the folks who have supported GRR in getting Tink the vet care she needed with donations, shares, transports, and prayers.  Here is Tink’s story, as told on our Facebook posts, starting with the latest update.

Each update asked for donations, so we’ve cut out the info about how to donate from the saga.  But we still still your help to cover the bills. Please consider making a tax deductible donation towards Tink’s care. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on Facebook or here on our website or by sending us a check.

January 13
Our girl is on the mend, and feeling sssooooo much better!!!! THANK GOD!!!!
All the prayers and positive vibes are obviously working, so keep them coming please.  Here’s a little video of her.

Night ya’ll.

January 11

tinkdkdkSo I finally met Tink….our $10k dog….I just HAD to see what all the hype was about…..
I’ll tell you what, this little girl is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY that has been spent on her…
She is amazingly docile (the good drugs she’s on may help this….) and wants nothing more than love.

So many people have come together to help her…We are so very thankful to everyone that has played a part in Tink’s story…
Christie for rescuing her initially.
Seaford Animal Hospital for everything they have all done for her along the way (including waiving the fee for her last surgery).
Shannon for dropping everything to take her to UPENN.
UPENN for saving Tink’s life and hooking us up with the rescue discount!
Savannah for stepping up and performing the needed surgery today at the drop of a hat.
Holley for fostering her and going above and beyond to make sure she gets whatever she needs.
Dr. Christie for being her guardian angel ..and if all the doggies agree. …for stepping up to give her her happily ever after.
tink 30303030AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT DONATED TOWARDS TINK’S CARE. (We were able to raise all but about $1500 of what we put out on her. The rest was either waived or her future mama ( hopefully) covered it.)

The fact that this girl is still alive and will now have her perfect forever family is nothing short of a miracle…..
They say it takes a village. The Grass Roots Rescue village definitely showed up for Tink.

January 11, 1 pm
Tink had a setback so Dr. Clarke, at Savannah, performed a Colopexy (suturing the colon to an interior wall to prevent it from prolapsing) on Tink and also spayed her while she was under to hopefully prevent any further surgeries.
The Doc reports the surgery was a success and this will hopefully prevent any more prolapses and allow Tink to truly recover…for real this time…

Tink is awake and doing well. Her foster will be picking her up later this evening. We will update everyone further when we can.

January 10,  10:37 pm

We wanted to let everyone know Tink is home and she is doing incredibly well!! She went to visit her friends at Seaford Animal Hospital today so they were amazed at how much better she looks!! Tink still has a ways to go before she is fully recovered but it’s safe to say she’s well on her way and our girl is finally out of the woods!!

Attached is our invoice from Tink’s stay at UPENN. As you can see, the bill totaled $8300….shew….thankfully, we got a 20% rescue discount which lowered our total to $6740 (The total is on the last page of the invoice, which is at the bottom of this web page). The amount on the receipt on the first page was the balance we owed after making two payments throughout Tink’s stay.). So far we have been able to raise $5200 towards Tink’s medical care. That is AMAZING and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support. Tink is a VERY lucky little lady to have soooooo many good people behind her.
We are asking everyone to please continue to share Tink’s story and donate if you are able. Her stay at UPENN still left our medical fund $1500 in the hole, and we’d like to recoup some of that if possible so that we can continue to help animals in need. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on our FB page or website (www.grrde.org) and are tax deductible.

One final thing we’d like to say tonight…

A GINORMOUS thank-you to Dr. Wade and Seaford Animal Hospital, and all their staff…..they have waived Tink’s bill for her last surgery and hospital stay!!!! We cannot express just how thankful we are to them for their generosity. It takes a pretty special group to do something like that 💚

Keep sending prayers and positive thoughts Tink’s way….it seems to be working!

January 8

Tink is up and at’em!   The UPENN doctors said she is eating like a champ and doing incredibly well. Her chest tube is out, she breathing on her own, and they are weaning her off the IV pain meds!!

tink on table (1)Our little nugget will be headed home tomorrow at some point as long as no problems arise

So far we have raised almost $5000 to put towards her bill! Thank you to everyone that has donated!!! We still have about $2000 to raise so please keep sharing Tink’s story!

Seems like everyone that meets her falls in love with her. One of the vets from UPENN applied to adopt and so did the Seaford vet.   

January 6, 10:54 PM

When they opened her up they found a torsion on the lower left lobe. They were able to remove it and Tink is already doing better. Chest tubes have been inserted and she has been moved to the ICU where she will be monitored throughout the night.

The docs said she did very well and they are happy with the results.

No more news tonight is good news. The docs will be back in tomorrow am and will update us then.

For now, keep sharing her story and sending positive vibes her way.

Things are looking up….Sweet dreams everyone!!

January 6, 6:27

The CAT scan confirmed Tink has a torsion on the lower left lobe of her left lung. While this is a very serious condition, that still requires surgery, we are ecstatic it isn’t cancer!!
Recommended course of treatment is surgery to remove the torsioned lobe. The vets said with this surgery, dogs typically recover very well and in Tink’s case….prognosis is good!

tink949494Knowing our girl has a real shot at her happily ever after was all we needed to hear. We told them to go ahead with the surgery. They are working on Tink at this very moment.

Following the surgery, the will have to insert chest tubes which will remain in for approximately 24 hours. Barring any complications, typical length of hospitalization after the surgery is 2-3 days. Soooooo we are hoping to have her home early next week.

The estimate for everything thus far, including the surgery is somewhere in the neighborhood of $7000- $8000. Yes we are aware that is a boat ton of money….and not everyone will agree that it’s appropriate for a rescue to spend that much on one dog. To you we say….get over it. Tink is a VERY special little girl. She is only around 2 years old and has been through so much more than any dog should have to endure. Tink has paid her dues. It’s time for things to turn around for her. Knowing that would be a possibility with this surgery, there’s no way we could not go through with it. God willing, everything will go as planned with the surgery and today will be the first day of the next chapter in Tink’s story.


Thanks to all of you, we have raised $3500 so far to put towards Tink’s medical bills at both UPENN and Seaford Animal Hospital (we still have not received a bill from them). That is astounding and we couldn’t be more grateful. We still have a ways to go though.

Continue to share Tink’s story. We are confident that together we can raise the needed funds, we just need everyone’s help to do it.

As soon as we get word of how the surgery went, we will let everyone know. Keep the prayers and positive vibes coming!!!

January 6, 1:54 PM
Thank you all so much for being patient. Here is the update we just received from Tink’s doctors. Last night they removed 160 ML of fluid from Tinks chest. They had hoped her chest would remain clear but this morning they pulled another 300ml of fluid out.
The fluid was sent off be evaluated. Pathology said that the fluid is full of immflamatory substance….

Chest xrays were done last night. They showed a great deal of fluid consolidation around the left cranial lung lobe.

The consolidation coupled with the immflamatory substance found in the fluid removed from Tink’s chest leads them to believe it’s either an abscess, a tumor or a lobe torsion.
They need to do a cat scan to see exactly what it is that we are dealing with. They will also scan the belly to see make sure nothing has spread there in case it’s cancer. Regardless of what they find, Tink would require surgery to remove whatever it is on her lungs that’s wreaking havoc on her tiny body.

The estimate we have been told so far for everything they’ve done and the CAT scan is $4000-5000.  Should we proceed with surgery (should the doctors recommend it after looking at the scans), we are looking at roughly $7000- $8000.

We told them to go ahead with the CAT scan, we have to at least know what it is and if it’s treatable. The docs at UPENN are going to call us back once the CAT scan is complete and radiology has had a chance to read the results.

The amount of support Tink has received is truly heart warming. To know what this girl has been through in the last month alone is heart breaking. We want so much for her to have the chance to be healthy and be adopted by a family that will love her and give her the care she deserves, but in order for that to happen we still need everyone’s help….

So far, Tink’s supporters have donated $2400 to Grass Roots to put towards her care. If we want to be able to give her our all and get her the surgery she needs, we need everyone to continue to share her story and donate if you are able.  Thank you to everyone that has donated so far, we will be getting your donation letters out to you next week.

It’s gonna take the whole village to get Tink through this. We are willing to go the extra mile for her, are you?

 January 6, 10:46 PM

Sorry we have been slow to respond this morning. I (Karli) am dealing with some things going on at work (my real job). I will be getting back to everyone and posting an update as soon as I can.

Tink is currently in the ICU and has to have her chest tapped again. When they call is back we will let everyone know what they said.

Thank you soooooo much to everyone that’s donated. Please continue to share. The more testing and procedures they perform the more the bills will continue to rise. :(
Tink has fought so hard, we will stand beside her and fight as long as she is willing and able to do so.

January 5, 10:05 PM 

Tink is now at UPENN and is in worse shape than we thought.

tinkl29292Upon arriving at UPENN the vet noticed Tink was having a great deal of difficulty breathing. An ultra sound was performed and she is currently in an oxygenated kennel to assist her with her breathing and take some of the strain off of her poor, tired little body.

The ultra sound showed that her chest cavity and the area surrounding her lungs is filled with fluid. The fluid is pressing on her lungs and preventing her from being able to breathe properly. The two million dollar questions are, what is the fluid and where did it come from?

The vets just called us back and they were able to remove 160 milliliters of a bloody fluid from Tinks chest. The fluid contained quite a bit of white blood cells so an internal infection is still a possibility but they aren’t confident that is the reason for the fluid. They will be doing a culture to see if a bacteria grows to rule it out though. The next step for Tink is to get chest xrays. The fluid could be a result of cancer in the lungs or a lung lobe torsion. If they find something on the xrays, depending on what it is, we will make a treatment plan from there. If nothing obvious is seen, she will need to have a CAT scan to get a more in depth look. Tink is currently still in the ER. She will be transfered to the ICU in the morning.

The estimate for “a few days of hospitalization”, the ultra sounds, testing, removing of the fluid, and the xrays is $3000- $4000. If anything additional comes up or she deteriorates further the cost will obviously go up.

The bill from UPENN will be on top of whatever we owe Seaford Animal Hospital for 2 days of hospitalization and the bowel resection surgery…..

I (Karli) have not had the honor of meeting Tink yet, but this girl is apparently some kind wonderful. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her, and she seems to have an entire village rooting for her. We are committed to doing whatever Tink needs to make this right. We are committed to getting her healthy and ensuring she has the happily ever after she deserves.

We know many of you have already donated towards her care, we can’t thank you all enough (those of you that donated to GRR, we will get the thank you letters out in the next week). We are pleading with her village and our supporters to please consider making a tax deductible donation towards Tinks medical care. Once these bills start rolling in, even best case scenario, they are going to be significant and we need your help.

This little girl has a long road ahead of her and will need all the support, positive vibes and prayers she can get. We have to get her well, we know her forever family is out there somewhere just waiting for her to come into their lives…we just need to make sure she’s around to meet them.

We will post updates and invoices as we get them.

January 5, 12:31

Tink needs to go to UPENN or Vet Specialty Center in New Castle….sooner, rather than later.
Is anyone available to pick her up from Seaford Animal Hospital and get her to New Castle?

Over the course of the morning Tink has been in a steady decline. Her belly is extremely painful and her white blood cell count is high. The staff at Seaford aren’t sure what the problem is but they are worried she may be becoming septic and what they may find if they open her up for exploratory surgery. The staff at Seaford all know and love Tink, because of that they want her to have the best shot she can get….

Time is of the essence. Please let us know if you can help.

January 3, 8:19 PM
We just got word that Tink made it through surgery!!!!
Dr. Wade was able to resect the part of the bowel that was dead, and according to Wendy, “the surgery had the desired results and they believe it will be a success”. Tink will be remaining at Seaford Animal Hospital over night so she can be monitored and kept on IV fluids.

Surgery ran over so we didn’t get into specifics yet, BUT, Tink made it through and is in recovery!!!!

We will get a more in depth report tomorrow and update everyone then.
Please continue to keep Tink in your prayers tonight.

 January 2, 4:09 PM

Is anyone available to pick Tink up in Lewes tomorrow am and get her to Seaford Animal
Hospital by 8am?
January 2, 3:PM

Tink is not doing well.

tink-898We got her to Savannah and they confirmed that her rectum is again prolapsing. The worst part is the part of the colon that’s coming out appears to be dying. What this means is they can’t simply stitch it back up there and hope it will hold. Tink needs a partial bowel resection. The vet at Savannah suggested we take her to Vet Specialty where the estimate was around $4,000….

Dr. Wade, that’s been seeing her at Seaford, said he can perform the partial resection tomorrow. So after much debate we are going to have Seaford give it a go. They know Tink and they all care about her so she will undoubtedly receive the best care possible while there.

This will be a difficult surgery, both for the vet to perform and on Tink…so please keep her in your prayers tonight and tomorrow.

If anyone is able to donate towards her care you can do so by going to our website ( www.grrde.org) and clicking on the donate button. Please put for Tink in the comments and let us know if you’d like a receipt for tax purposes.

Thanks so much.


January 2, 11:36 AM 

tink57698Update: One of our volunteers is on her way to get her now and will take her directly to Savannah Animal Hospital where they are waiting for her. Foster or foster to adopt home still needed.

Emergency foster needed for Tink. She was thrown from a car about a month ago with a prolapsed rectum. Thank God Christie with Cedar Creek Labs found her. She has since been caring for her but can no longer afford the vet bills. She reached out to us to see if we could help and we would love to, but need a foster to do so. Tink has been great with Christie’s kids and all her other dogs. She is about 2 years old and only weighs about 25 lbs.

Tinks rectum is currently poking out again and she needs to be seen. We are trying to get her in to be seen today and would love to have somewhere lined up for her to recuperate.

Please let us know if you can help.


tink bill

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