Tink fighting for her life at UPENN

tinkatupennAn entire village is rooting for little Tink, who was thrown out of a car with a prolapsed rectum.  This girl is some kind  of wonderful. Everyone who meets her falls in love.  We are committed to getting her healthy so she can have the happily ever after she deserves.

Upon arriving at UPENN yesterday, the vet noticed Tink was having a great deal of difficulty breathing. An ultra sound was performed and she is currently in an oxygenated kennel to assist her with her breathing and take some of the strain off of her poor, tired little body.  The ultra sound showed that her chest cavity and the area surrounding her lungs is filled with fluid. The fluid is pressing on her lungs and preventing her from being able to breathe properly. The two million dollar questions are, what is the fluid and where did it come from?

The vets just called us back and they were able to remove 160 milliliters of a bloody fluid from Tink’s chest. The fluid contained quite a bit of white blood cells so an internal infection is still a possibility but they aren’t confident that is the reason for the fluid. They will be doing a culture to see if a bacteria grows to rule it out though. The next step for Tin’k is to get chest xrays. The fluid could be a result of cancer in the lungs or a lung lobe torsion. If they find something on the xrays, depending on what it is, we will make a treatment plan from there. If nothing obvious is seen, she will need to have a CAT scan to get a more in depth look. Tink is currently still in the ER. She will be transferred to the ICU in the morning.

The estimate for “a few days of hospitalization”, the ultra sounds, testing, removing of the fluid, and the xrays is $3000- $4000. If anything additional comes up or she deteriorates further the cost will obviously go up.

The bill from UPENN will be on top of whatever we owe Seaford Animal Hospital for 2 days of hospitalization and the bowel resection surgery…..

We know many of you have already donated towards her care, we can’t thank you all enough (those of you that donated to GRR, we will get the thank you letters out in the next week). We are pleading with her village and our supporters to please consider making a tax deductible donation towards Tink’s medical care. Once these bills start rolling in, even best case scenario, they are going to be significant and we need your help.

Donations towards Tink’s medical care can be made by clicking the donate button on the FB page or our website or by sending in a check (please email karli@grrde.org for the address). There is no amount too small, every little bit helps. Everyone can help by simply sharing Tink’s story.

This little girl has a long road ahead of her and will need all the support, positive vibes and prayers she can get. We have to get her well, we know her forever family is out there somewhere just waiting for her to come into their lives…we just need to make sure she’s around to meet them.

We will post updates and invoices as we get them.


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