grrTankTank is a BEAUTIFUL approx. 3 year old American bulldog (poss Dogo mix) that will soon be on the hunt for his forever home. He was pulled from a Baltimore shelter after having surgery for an obstruction of some sort of cloth that he ingested. He is still settling in but he has been a dream of a dog.  He has done wonderfully with house training, takes treats gently, and is very attentive and looks to you for what you want him to do (or not do). This guy is a GEM

He likes to take his time smelling you to know that you mean no harm, but quickly warms up and is your best friend. He gets along great with other dogs around his size (he is around 80 lbs and could afford to put on another 10-15). He is nice to dogs smaller than him also but he has no awareness of how big he is.  He also loves children but again, wouldn’t advise toddlers just because he is not aware of his size and he has a killer tail! :) 

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