Shiloh’s Emergency Surgery

shilohShiloh has a hernia and some old injuries from being run over by an SUV back in May.   We need your help with the costs of his emergency care and surgery.

Veterinarians who have seen Shiloh somehow missed the hernia.  It has slowly and progressively gotten worse until finally his bladder was so full that his hind end had a massive bulge.

We immediately took him to the emergency room and that bill alone was almost $500 just for diagnosis, pain meds and draining his bladder for some temporary relief until he can get his surgery. He is only allowed to drink small amounts of water to keep him hydrated and no food until surgery.  Every time he drinks, his bladder will start to fill again and he will end up back in the ER or his bladder could pretty much explode if he doesn’t get this surgery ASAP.

This will not be cheap and it’s very unexpected. If anyone is able to donate towards Shiloh’s surgery it would be very much appreciated. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking the donate button on our website or Facebook page. Please share and help us spread the word.

And on a side note, even given his condition, Shiloh is a perfect gentleman and an angel with the baby. This is a phenomenal dog. Once we get him taken care of he will be ready for his forever home…..hopefully there’s someone out there for him 💛

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