Saving a Puppy with Parvo, a Sweet Girl with a Broken Leg, and Ivar and Oslo

parvo puppy (1)

So many animals in crisis.  It’s heartbreaking.  We can’t save them but all, but in the past 10 days, we got four pups the vet care that they desperately needed. with the help of our fosters, donors and transporters.

We had 30 minutes to try and save this puppy with parvo whose owners wanted to put him down.  We were called by the vet to try and help.  And we did. We found someone to transport him and now this pup is getting the treatment needed at Eastern Shore Animal Hospital. 

pup with hurt leg

We needed a foster immediately for this girl and we got one!   She was hit hit by a car at some point and the owner did not take her to the vet…. She got loose again…and found her way to a kind lady’s house who reached out for help. .The owner came to get her and still refuses to get her medical care…said she’s leaving to go to Tennessee for a week and planned to leave her in the yard while she’s gone 😑  We got an vet appointment immediately and a foster. There may be an amputation in her future.

ivar oslo in castsIvar and Oslo both have had their surgery and were saved from the irresponsible breeder who told us they only had swimmers syndrome with can be treated with therapy. Here is more news about our bouncy babies.

We can take on these heartbreaking cases because you help.  Last year, we spent about $40,000 on vet care – $25,000 for our rescued babies and $15,000 on pets of people with limited income.   

Please help us so we can help them. Even the smallest donation makes a difference.  You can donate on our web site  Or email us at if you want to mail a check.  You’ll be making such a difference.  Thank you. 

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