Sasha – Adopted!

sasha 1Pretty little Sasha is a gentle soul.  As you can see, she fsasha 2its perfectly into a child’s lap.  She loves a good cuddle.  She gets along with other Chihuahuas – male and female.

She was checked over by the vet and is a healthy girl.  She had her dental and a few teeth were removed.  

Who could resist this darling little face? 


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2 thoughts on “Sasha – Adopted!

  1. Tracy S.

    Hi there,
    I am interested in Sasha but wanted to tell you about us and ask a couple questions. We are an older couple. I work out of our home but on my on schedule. We have been wanting to add a little doggie to our home to keep me company. The only time she would be left at home is when I go grocery shopping. All of our family and friends have pet friendly homes so she would be able to go right along with me. We own our own home. There are no little kids in the house to bother her. Is she micro chipped? If not I would make sure she gets it done. Even though she will be an inside dog I believe in getting it done as a precaution. How is she with being housetrained? And last question….would you consider less. Its not that we cant afford the fee its just I would rather put that money into spoiling her. Look forward to hearing from you!! Tracy


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