Buddy lived on a chain outside his whole life but will now have a new life, thanks to GRR.

GRR rescues dogs and cats who are homeless or  suffering.  We know we cannot save them all, but we will do whatever we can to save as many animals as we can.  GRR works with several shelters and rescue groups in Delaware to pull animals.  

It is always best to help keep pets in loving homes,so GRR tries to assist people of limited income in keeping their pets.  However, when pets are neglected or treated with cruelty by owners, GRR tries to rescue the animals. 

Chained Dogs: GRR believes that dogs belong in homes, not chained up outdoors 24/7.   If owners are willing to surrender the dogs, GRR takes responsibility for them and places them in foster homes until adopted, as we did with Buddy (see photo above).

Outdoor Injured Cats/Orphaned Kittens:  In Delaware, it is estimated that over 200,000 stray or feral cats who live outdoors.  GRR supports leaving these cats outdoors rather than rounding them up to be taken to animal shelters.   GRR rescues orphaned kittens who could be socialized and live as pets.  In addition, GRR rescues outdoor cats who are injured or sick and can no longer live outside.   We cannot help all of these cats, sadly, but we do what we can. 

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16 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. cheri szymanski

    Karli I was referred to you by kelly simpson. I am interested in fostering kyle and assisting w heartworm meds. Please contact me 547 3689.

  2. Pam Harbin

    We have rescued a wonderful Pit! Her name is Roxie. Her owner let us take her because she is left outside on chain in cold and hot weather. Please contrast me ASAP 302-945-6706 or 302-249-3486 hope u can help us. We already have 2 dogs and 3 cats so we can’t keep her. Thank you

  3. Artur Martins

    Hi I have a purebred German shepherd it is 2 years old and I need to find a Forster home or someone to take care of him for some months. Call me at 3023441825 or email me. I need to find a place for him ASAP

  4. Jo Anne O'Neal

    Please help! This situation breaks my heart! I have German Shepherd mix. (4 YO) Zena approx. 95 lbs fights (nasty) w/pit mix (2 YO) Lovey. Approx. 65 lbs. I try to keep separate. However this last time Lovey,almost cost me $1,000. It was suggested that I find another home for Zena. the aggressor . Or next time Lovey….can’t /don’t want to think about..what could …

  5. Kyna Greenley

    I am seeking help! I recently found out that my daughter’s asthma is being triggered due to an allergy of cats. I have a love, named twister due to his twisted front limb, and now I am faced with having to give him up and have nowhere to find him a good home. In the week since finding this out, my youngest found a litter of kittens who’s mommy was killed in our back yard. I am now 6 babies deep, and they are maybe 3 weeks old. I have never cared for kittens this little, but I could not leave them to die and have no chance at life whatsoever. It is medically necessary to be rid of all these kitties, but not sure where to turn since most places locally just are not taking cats or closing down. Please help, any information is appreciated. I am in Sussex county Delaware. Thank you.

  6. Sheila Curtis

    I learned of your company through a family member. They were pleased.

    We have a 3 year old black Lab/Boxer mix who was supposed to be with us for 2 weeks (2.5 years ago), until his owner could find where to house the then puppy, because of him moving into an apartment that did not allow animals.

    We have loved and cared for this dog in hopes that his owner would finally come for him. Needless to say, he has yet to send funds much less stop by or call to see about his dog (now ours by default).

    Well, we are now at a place where we are preparing for a move ourselves and wold like to find a wonderful home for this fun filled and sometimes clumsy dog named King. He is pleasant and is not a barker until necessary.

    If anyone could help, that’d be great.
    Please email me if you can.

    Sheila Curtis

  7. Sheila

    We have a dog that was suppose to be here for 2 weeks until the owner found it a home. Apparently the owner must be on a top secret mission and forgot his dog. Its been 3 years now.
    My family are planning to move to GA and cannot take the dog with us.

    He’s a fun loving, mild mannered, floppy
    black lab mix. He’s not big on barking unless he has to. Unfortunately, our current home is not big enough for a big dog so we will let him in during inclement weather only.
    Can someone please help with find him a Great Home.

    Borrowed Dog Sitter Now Owner

    1. Linda Smith

      I am the owner of a Grooming and Boarding kennel. A owner dropped off her Lab/ Pit mix ( brown in color) for boarding on 10/8/15 and has not returned to pick him up. When I call I get all the reasons in the world why, but the bottom line is she is not coming back to get him. He needs a family of his own. He is good with other dogs and small children, I have 4 year old grandson. I DO NOT want him to go back to the so called home he was in because the owner does not give a rip about the well being of this poor dog. Please help this poor fellow out, thank you

  8. john an michelle foskey

    tys to karli an rose we just got dolby an tiller from you guys an they are already just like one of us they get along with preissus just fine an have the run of the house an the big back yard they have thier far ever home so glad we where able to be the ones to keep them together tys amillon john an michelle

  9. Heather Campbell

    We need help rehoming about 25 rescued cats from my mother’s home in Milford, Delaware. Sadly my mother died abruptly on Monday when she fell and hit her head. She has been an animal rescuer for 4 decades, actively adopting and also keeping those she deemed unadoptable. Of recent it was more the latter. All cats have health records from a local vet hospital that worked closely with my mother for decades. No family lives in state. shelters are full, Delaware Animal Services will not help because it is not an abuse case. We are paying people to come in to feed the animals, but this is not a satisfactory way to continue. The cats are very stressed since she has been gone.
    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  10. Ginger Pasquale

    Good morning, I am on need of placement for 3 dogs by 5\10. . 1 brindle pit 2yrs old, 1 pit mix 1 yr old and 1 Lapso 1 yr old . Crate trained. Please contact me at 443-406-6322. Or by email There are to many dogs in my home and I cannot properly care for all of them.


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