Puppies need foster & forever homes

screenshot-2016-12-03-at-7-34-09-amWe have five puppies about five months old and we need fosters and forever homes. They are about five months old and we don’t know which are males or females yet, but will let you know.

Many people can’t afford spay/neuter and then there are pups who need homes.  As you know all DE dogs must be spayed or neutered before adoption and these pups will be, too.   There is a state program to help people who can meet income eligibility.

We always get a lot of shares for puppies, but they can be a lot of work – we also have older dogs who are wonderful companions.

PLEASE VOTE for GRR in this contest: http://bit.ly/2g3l5Gr

One of our amazing followers has entered me in a contest that gives us a chance to win $5,000 for the rescue.   Please do us a favor and follow the link, vote for me and then share!!  The $5000 prize would really help us out with all the medical bills we have incurred lately and all ya have to do is click a few buttons!!!

If you click to “Entrees” and change it from “random” to “votes,” all of the top entrees at the top. At this point, GRR is #2, which would win will get $2,000. So please keep sharing and asking people to vote

thank you!
💜  GRR



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