harrington again

Harrington is the last one left in her litter. This little spit fire us definitely the ornery one in the bunch. She keeps her foster parents laughing and is slowly trying to wrap them around her paw. Harrington is being fostered with 2 other pups and does well. She’s been around kids and is good minus the puppy nipping.

She will be 12 weeks here soon and would be a great addition to any family.  Just remember, puppies require a lot of work so please make sure you have the time to devote before adopting.

Let us know if you’d like to schedule a time to meet Harrington :


All of the puppies shown below have been adopted.  GRR took in these pitty puppies to ensure that they are adopted into loving homes and that they are spayed/neutered.

GRR’s objective is always to support changing the breed stereotype that is so undeserved because pit bull type dogs are wonderful family pets who are absolutely full of love

leary           tilly

glenna            keavy

harrington             illa





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