Oslo and Ivar

ivar oslo in casts
Update April 15, 2017

Oslo and Ivar are home! We have videos on Facebook so you you see how they’re doing in the hcasts our boys will be sporting for the next month or so. Though the anxiety of impending surgery is gone, now comes recovery. Keeping puppies calm for 4-6 weeks will be no easy task. And with their recovery comes weekly checkups to make sure we are doing everything right and everything stays where it should! So we will call today $5 Friday! If you’d like to donate $5 to Oslo and Ivar’s care, you can do so at grrde.org
If you can’t, that’s ok too.. Just share their story! And be prepared for many, many videos of our boys as we see them through this journey. It’s not going to be easy, but something tells us it will be well, well worth it. And a thank you to Joanne for transporting our boys today!💜GRR

Update April 13

Oslo’s out of surgery and doing well. His surgery took half the time of Ivar’s, Dr. Leisure said he had much less scar tissue to remove.

Our boys are resting comfortably tonight and getting love from the staff at VOSM (Thank you Van for the picture and for taking care of our boys!)….Tomorrow, THEY ARE HEADED HOME!! Woohoo :)

We will post more pics tomorrow along with the final bill and where we are at with our fundraising.

Thank you for all the well wishes.


ivar and osloUpdate 4/10/17
Our little Froggy Doggy babies are scheduled for surgery on TUESDAY that will give them the ability to stand and walk somewhat normally, most importantly it will get them off their chests!!!

ivar elbow

Here is an xray from their appointment at VOSM. As you can see, their elbows are in terrible shape. After Tuesday, we are hoping that will no longer be the case!! These little guys have stolen the hearts of many in their short time with us and we are soooooo excited they’re going to get a shot at the lives they (and every pup) deserve!!

The second chance for these babies isn’t coming cheap. The estimates are coming in at $3,000-$4,000 a piece for the surgeries alone. We will of course make sure they get what they need, but we really need everyone’s help on this one. A bill this size is going to clean us out :(

You can follow their story on their special facebook page:


Thanks to the generosity of our friends and followers so far, we have managed to raise $2200!!! That’s enough for 1 of the 4 elbows :) We still have a ways to go, so we are again asking everyone to PLEASE consider making a tax deductible donation towards Ivar and Oslo’s surgery costs. Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on our website (www.grrde.org) or Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone that has donated and shared so far. We appreciate it sooooooo much!! Please continue to share Ivar and Oslo’s story. These boys need all the help they can get!!


The Veterinary Office of Sports Medicine in Annapolis has answered our prayers!!!  After two different vets said that there may not be a happily ever after for Oslo and Ivar, our bulldog babies are scheduled for surgery on Tuesday… Third time’s a charm!!!

We were floored to hear surgery was an option for the boys. In the video, Dr. Chun describes their findings and what the surgery will do for Ivar and Oslo. (When I get copies of the film’s from today’s xrays and the printed estimate I will post it for every one to see. )

So now that we know our boys stand a chance at a somewhat normal life, we have a bit of a mountain to climb to make this dream a reality for them.

The surgery needed to correct Ivar and Oslo’s elbow luxation’s is going to run us approximately $4000 per puppy….for a total of $8000. That’s right, we need to come up with $8000 for the boys to get the surgery they need in order to walk, thus saving their lives. $8000 is A LOT of money but the boys are absolutely worth it.

This is the part where we get down on our knees and BEG for everyone’s help. We just have to go forward with these surgeries and we NEED your support to do so. We are asking everyone to PLEASE consider making a tax deductible donation towards Ivar and Oslo’s surgery expenses. 

Every little bit helps folks, and our boys need all the help they can get 💜.

Donations can be made by clicking the donate button on both our website (www.grrde.org) and on the Facebook page.  Donate if you can and please share their story. You guys have never let us down before, we are hoping this time is no different…

Let’s share these deserving pups far and wide!


buill dog 2

bull dog 3







These painfully cute little nuggets are Oslo and Ivar. Our two English Bulldog brothers came to us after a friend tagged us in the post where the breeder was selling them for a reduced cost because they had issues walking due to swimmers syndrome.       We knew we could work with that and get them the help they needed so we welcomed them with open arms!

bull 5

Once we had them and had the chance to watch them for a bit we began to get the feeling there might me something else going on as well….We made an appointment for them with a doctor at Haven Lake and our suspicions were confirmed. Along with the swimmers (which was mainly the back legs and has improved immensely), our little guys also have a limb deformity in the front that severely inhibits their ability to walk. Talk about a slap in the face….

bulldog 1After taking a moment to recover, we put our game faces back on and asked the Dr. what we can do for them, how do we fix it? The response was, “You can’t, try not to get attached to them. As they grow, because they won’t be able to stand, their weight will eventually cause problems with breathing and other organ functioning”……

What!?!?! The news went from a slap in the face to totally knocking the wind out of us. As we sit and look at these loving, playful, spunky puppies we cannot fathom the idea of getting to a point to where we have to say good bye to them….

Britt and I have gotten very attached to these two. Watching them grow and seeing them improve and progress has been inspiring. We aren’t ready to give up on our little wrinkle faced monsters quite yet. We asked around the rescue community, looking for recommendations on who has the very best orthopedic surgeons. Veterinary Office of Sports Medicine in Annapolis won by a land slide….so…The boys have an appointment tomorrow at 11. They will be seen by a rehabilitation specialist and and orthopedic surgeon. We are hoping and praying they’ll be able to give us a glimmer of hope.

bull dogsThis journey will not be an inexpensive one. Just to walk through the doors and be seen  is $250 (I’m not even sure if that’s for both of them or per puppy…). They will want to take new xrays which we all know aren’t cheap…..then comes treatment….if there is one…

Please keep our boys in your prayers, they need all the positive juju they can get going into this appointment.  We’ll keep you posted

If you are able to donate towards their medical care it would be very much appreciated. You know we don’t turn our backs on the animals with significant medical needs, but we need your support to continue on. Donations are tax deductible and can be made by utilizing the donate button on our website and FB page.

(Oslo and Ivar are not currently available. We need to figure out what’s going on with them and get their prognosis before we could even begin to entertain the idea of finding them their forever homes.)

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