On the Waiting List – Dog Fosters Needed

To rescue more animals, GRR is always in search of fosters.  Here are dogs on the GRR waiting list.  Please contact us if you can help: Karli@grrde.org




Kai  (left)
Kai is believed to be between 3 and 4 years old.  She is a complete ham!  She absolutely loves  people and other dogs – but not cats.  Please let us know if you’d be interested in fostering or adopting Kai. 


TerrorTerror (right)





Meet Terror (although he is far from that)! He is around 6 years old and a total sweetheart! This little guy is everything friendly and housetrained. He loves to be close to his person….preferably in their lap if they’ll allow it.


Ka  (left) 
Ka is 3-5 year old female. She is everything friendly but a little on the shy side. She super sweet, just needs a little time to be comfortable with new people.



Queenie (left)
Queenie, who is 6-7 years old, is looking for love – she truly oves people!  She would need to be introduced to any other family dog before being fostered.  

Queenie and Ka

Queenie (right) and Ka hanging out together

The photo below shows Queenie hanging out with Ka.  While they are friends, they will be fostered/adopted separately.



Please let us know if you’re interested in fostering or adopting!

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