More about Scooter, the injured cat

“I poured through the internet searching for any possible help. Most organizations declined all application due to no funds. After almost losing hope,  I discovered a ray of hope to help save my cat. I discovered Grass Roots Rescue Society!

Once I e-mailed them, I heard  immediately back from her (Karli), who led me to a fantastic vet clinic. Once we got the final, real estimate, my heart dropped. I couldn’t even afford half that amount. Imagine my surprise, shock, and utter delight when I found out GRR said they would cover all but $55 of Scooters bill!! This organization literally saved Scooters life.  Whether I found a veterinarian to affordably put him down or surrendered him to a rescue or a sanctuary for them to euthanize him, he didn’t have a chance without Grass Roots Rescue!! What an absolute blessing you have been to my family!I am eternally thankful for your help and willingness to help!! ”

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