More about Patches, the injured kitten

“I brought Patches home not caring how bad her injuries were. I was thinking that I could just nurse her back to health til I gave her a bath and all this pus came running out of an opened, gapping wound under her neck. I knew then that I needed to find her help.

I made several, several phones throughout the day and every person I talked to told me that she wouldn’t survive and I just needed to put her down or take her to the SPCA and they will put her down. I just couldn’t find the heart to stop there! (You never realize how cold people are til you are in a tough situation).

Then I decided to call Edna and she referred me to the GRR website on Facebook and told me to explain my situation and ask for Karli, so I did! Thanking god everyday that Karli was our lifesaver!!!  Karli was very fast acting and we got her to the vet the next day!  Thank you so much to the GRR and Karli and to all the people who made donations!! This little kitty wouldn’t have made it without you all! It is greatly appreciated and hopefully Patches is on the road to recovery!!! ”

Patches - eyeThe vet is trying to save Patches’ eye, but whether or not that is possible, she will have a safe and happy life with Melissa.

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