lunaLuna likes to be near, or better yet on, her person but enjoys a good romp with the resident dog as well. She listens well and can be let out off leash. The kitties only interest her if she’s feeling frisky, but she is gentle. She will chew (shoes or socks) if she doesn’t have enough stimulation or exercise.

She hasn’t met dogs other than the ones she used to live with and the one in her foster home, but has done well with both of them. She has been reactive with the dog next door who is territorial in her yard, but that seems to be a case of two females bickering back and forth, we all know how that goes….. She is perfectly housetrained and fully vetted. Luna’s bark is fierce, but she is very sweet and loving with everyone who has been to visit, including kids (she also used to live with children).
Luna is currently located in Milford, please let us know if you’d like to meet her!!

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