Lenny & his bucket list

lenny2Lenny came to us when his dad was admitted to the hospital.  Lenny’s owner is a homeless, double amputee, Vietnam Veteran, and he had no one to keep his buddy while he was in the hospital.  We had an amazing foster step up and offer to hold Lenny until his dad was released.  But after he was released from the hospital, he did not contact us.  Our thought is maybe he’s trying to do what’s best for his friend…

Lenny also had to go to the hospital too.  It turned out that he had a tumor, and it was removed at Seacrest Animal Hospital.  The tumor weighed ten pounds!  The vet thinks that the cancer metastasized, and that Lenny has 4 to 6 months to live.  The good news is that Lenny went home with an amazing foster who is committed to making him happy for whatever time he has left with a special doggy bucket list.

The bills for Lenny’s surgery were well over $3,000 and your help would be greatly appreciated.

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