RIP Keller

kellerWe had Keller from April to August 2016, and in that time we took him  to doctors near and far in hopes to find him some relief from the many ailments he came to us with. He was on numerous medications constantly and won the hearts of everyone at Savannah.

After a visit to UPENN we were optimistic that we had found a treatment that would finally help ease Keller’s pain and allow him to lead a somewhat normal (or at least pain free) life, but unfortunately that was not the case.

Since his visit to UPENN, Keller had to be rushed to Savannah two more times. This ornery, joyous dog who kept us hoping and searching for a treatment couldn’t show up to fight on his last trip. Keller’s little body had finally had enough.

With his loving foster family by his side, Keller crossed the rainbow bridge. We can’t thank the Bawek’s and Morgan enough for all they did for Keller. Cyndi and Ron, you two are a God send for any dog lucky enough to come into your home, but for Keller especially. You really went above and beyond to make sure he had the best chance and life possible while he was with us.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards his care and inquired about his well being. It’s appreciated more than you know. 

Tonight give your fur babies a little extra love, for Keller.

Keller was young, less than a year and very  sweet.  And deaf.  Keller came to us from BARCS after being brought in by animal control with tire tracks all over his little battered body.   

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