Violet and puppies

Sweet Violet had her 6 puppies at a shelter – not ideal, of course, but at least safe, dry and warm.  We quickly found a wonderful foster and got Violet and pups into a loving home.

violet againViolet is a beautiful, petite, labby girl with the warmest eyes you will ever meet. We are almost positive that before now, Violet never even knew a life indoors existed. Despite that, she is doing amazing in her foster home. She is the absolute SWEETEST pup you will ever meet and has loved everyone she has encountered…Children and dogs alike. (We haven’t seen her around kitty’s yet). With a routine and watchful eye, she has transitioned well to an indoor life. She has gotten the hang of going outdoors for potty, but again, this will likely take continued consistency and patience with her transition to learning what being a part of a family is like. There is no doubt that when you meet this girl you will fall in love. 


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