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February 9, 2017
The fosters for Hoss, who had lived out on a chain his whole life, adopted him. He is living happily with 2 buddies.  You can tell which is Hoss in the photo at left by his bent ear.   The photo of Hoss below is before he was rescued.



January, 2017
Please meet Hoss.  This poor guy has spent his entire life on this chain – we’re guessing he’s 5 or 6.  This is an incredibly sad existence.   But Hoss is now free from that chain.

His owner recently passed. Someone has been coming to the property to make sure he and his daughter (who I believe has a home lined up) have food.   Aside from the fact that no dog should have to live like this, the property has to be vacated by the end of the month.

He is absolutely starved, and desperate for attention. He has little to no manners. He jumped on our volunteers and wrapped his paws around their arms almost pleading with them to stay, or take him with them….

We begged on Facebook for a foster home for Hoss, and a good-hearted couple volunteered to help.  They will take him to his neuter appointment and then to the board and train place we use when he’s done so they can break him in the next 2 weeks or so and get him used to being indoors.

Hoss wants nothing more to be part of a family and now he will get that.



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Obie was hurting when found on a back road in Laurel

obie1Update: Obie was adopted!

Obie was wandering on a back road in Laurel and desperately needed help.  Here is Obie’s story starting with the most recent FB post – because we want you to know that the dogs we rescue are safe and getting the vet care necessary to recover. We know we can’t save them all, but with the help of our GRR supporters, we can help, one animal at a time.

January 15

Obie is doing well! He’s taking his medicine like a champ and charming everyone he meets.

Spoke to his vet today and the thought is still MMM. We will know for sure in about a week.

We are still looking for a foster or foster to adopt home that is willing and able to give Obie the TLC he needs to get back to 100%.

Obie is absolutely everything friendly and would into just about any house hold.

Please let us know if you’d be interested in meeting this handsome fella.


January 13

Obie here.

Wanted to let everyone know the nice lady that initially picked me up came back and got me from the vet today. We are going to have a slumber party while the girls at Grass Roots try to find me a home that will love me forever and ever.
I know I look pretty rough right now, and quite frankly I feel like crap, but the GRR girls and my friends at Seaford Animal Hospital tell me I’m going to start to feel better soon. I had special blood work done to confirm whether or not I have masticatory muscle myositis (MMM) and am currently taking antibiotics. It will be back in about a week and a half at which time we will be able to move forward with a treatment plan which will hopefully get me back to 100%!
In spite of my horrid condition, I still LOVE everyone. I don’t discriminate…kids, other doggies, kitties…they are all ok in my book!!

I understandably don’t have a whole lot of faith in humans, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and hope that someone out there will see my face, hear my story and want to make sure I never suffer again.

Please share my story and if you think I could maybe come live with you, message my friends here at GRR and tell them a little about yourself.

Night everyone.

January 12, 12:43 am

Obie update before bed…..

Obie is in pretty poor shape. When dealing with a dog in this condition it’s kind of hard to decide where to start…Here is where we are at:
*The sunken head appearance
*His mouth is a MESS.
*The only thing worse than his mouth, is his skin. It’s incredibly inflamed and very, very uncomfortable for him.
*The pads of all 4 of his feat are pretty damaged and very painful for him.

obieAfter looking at all of these symptoms together, Dr. Christie believes the signs may point to masticatory muscle myositis. I’m by no means an expert, but from my skimming, my understanding is with this autoimmune disease antibodies attack the muscles responsible for chewing and operating the jaw which is what causes that sunken in look. Having an autoimmune disease would also explain many of the other things Obie has going on.

Plan of action:
*Started him on a course of antibiotics.
*Did a skin scrape which showed no mites, yay!.
*Ran general blood work to test for HW, tick diseases, thyroid levels and a few other things. These results will be in tomorrow.
*Run the 2M antibody blood work that tests for masticatory muscle myositis. There is only one lab in the US that does this blood work. They are in CA, so this will take some time.

According to the staff at Seaford, in spite of everything Obie has going on, he’s a DOLL. He is incredibly sweet and surprisingly well mannered once he calms down.He had no reaction to the kitties he met, did well with a 3 year old and made friends with a poodle. The staff said they will test him with larger dogs for us tomorrow. We are committed to helping Obie and doing whatever we can to get him well again….BUT…we need your help. Obie needs a foster home that is willing to give him the TLC he so desperately needs to recover. He will be able to be discharged tomorrow and we aren’t sure where he’s going (oops)……. Please let us know if you can help….and spread the word!!

Thank you to our friends at Seaford Animal Hospital, you guys are the best!!

January 12,  1:37 pm

Many of you saw the post about this guy in Laurel and tagged me (Thanks for that…lol….hopefully we will get tagged in a giant cash give away soon too!! Bahahaha) . Well, here he is, we are calling him Obie.

Christie, the same woman that found Tink, happened to be in the area and went and picked him up. As soon as he saw her truck he hauled ass across a field to get to her. This guy was definitely ready for someone to take pity on him and rescue him.
After Christie had him she messaged us and we agreed to vet him and try to find a foster for him. So far he has met a little poodle and done well, and he also did well with Christie’s 3 year old son.

He is currently at Seaford Animal Hospital. We will update everyone with info on him when we get it.

Please let us know if you can help by fostering this poor, neglected soul.


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Tink is up and at’em

tink5The UPENN doctors said she is eating like a champ and doing incredibly well. Her chest tube is out, she breathing on her own, and they are weaning her off the IV pain meds!!

Our little nugget will be headed home tomorrow at some point as long as no problems arise

Seems like everyone that meets her falls in love with her. One of the vets from UPENN applied to adopt and so did the Seaford vet.   

So far we have raised almost $5000 to put towards her bill!  Thank you to everyone that has donated!!! We still have about $2000 to raise so please keep sharing Tink’s story!  If you are able to make a tax deductible donation towards her care, you are able to do so by clicking the donate button on FB or our website or by sending us a check.

Thank you for your support thus far, we can’t wait to get her home!

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