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oliOli is a 7-8 year old coonhound who is delighted with his new life.  When Oli first came to us he was starved for attention, love and most of all food. Despite his condition, his tail never stopped wagging (sometimes even in circles when he’s super excited). There are times when I hear his tail thumping against the floor in the next room and when I check on him he’s just laying there by himself, wagging away.

He is living proof that you really CAN teach an old dog new tricks and adjusted to life indoors within a couple of weeks. Potty training was a breeze. He will actually scratch on the back door when he needs to go outside and also picked up a couple of tricks (sit and down).

Oli simply loves everyone he meets – kids, dogs, our bunny, mailman etc. and is very easy-going once he knows what is expected of him. He sleeps well in his crate, loves a good chew bone and blanket and is content with listening to the radio if you have to leave him for a few hours (he seems to prefer pop music). Oli’s favorite things are food, being outside, a blankie in the sun indoors where he can take a nap, a good scratch behind the ear & car rides.
Oli will do well as a second dog and does well with children. He will need to be watched around children younger than 5 because being a foodie, he will try to steal their food and might accidentally knock them down.

He’s still working on leash-training and a few basic commands. Due to his hound-nature, he is best kept on a leash or in a yard with a tall fence.

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hooch (1)Hoohoo CaaaaaChuuuu wanted to wish every one a happy Easter….and also make sure everyone knows he’s on the search for his perfect forever home (he told me preferably one that does not own bunny ears

Hooch is very playful.  He loves other dogs and kids. We’d prefer if someone was home most of the day and who understands his medical condition. He will also need a home with a fence or that will leash walk him at all times. With his heart condition he can’t be neutered so we don’t want him wandering.


If you are in the market for a giant bunny..errrr, dog…and think you may be interested in Hooch send us a message so we can chat about our big beautiful boy and whether or not he’d be a good fit for your home

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chip3Chip is a very handsome and happy beagle.  He loves getting his neck and back rubbed. He is good with cats, dogs, and kids.  He wants to be close to his humans and loves cuddling on the couch.   




He listens well, even about not getting up on the bed.  He is welcoming to new people in the house (handled the cleaning crew like a champ), and all the people who come over and meet him love him. He bonds quickly and sits and leans into you when he is getting his head pet or scratched.

Chip is currently located in the Newark area. Please let us know if you’d like to meet him!!

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Diamond, our Princess Di

princessdi-1Our sweet, sweet gray faced girl Diamond is still looking for a forever home. She absolutely loves everyone she meets and has yet to meet a single person she didn’t win over with her crooked toothed smile and wiggly butt.

Diamond is very well trained, and has gone through obedience training during her time at Delmarva K9.

Her current foster adores her and said she’s an absolute gem. She enjoys car rides, long walks on the beach and snuggle sessions on the couch!

diamondDiamond is currently in a foster home with other dogs and cats, but would do best as an only animal. Because of this her foster is having to keep her in a spare room most of the time with is neither ideal or fair for Diamond (or her foster family).  The trainer at Delmarva K9 thought Diamond might do well with a low key male dog that is larger than her, but we haven’t been able to test that theory out yet. 

She has no fee for an approved applicant and we will throw in a complimentary vet visit with the new families’ vet to get everyone acquainted.    I’m asking all of our friends and supporters to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share Diamond. We have got to find her a home, the sooner the better. This poor girl has been jostled around so much, that we want more than anything to find her a home for the holiday season. 



Diamond came to us from BARCS in March after her life long family dumped her at the shelter because they were moving….. Thankfully she caught the attention of one of our foster families and we made her an official GRR girl. In early May Diamond was adopted by a wonderful woman that absolutely loved her to the moon and back.

diamond-2 diamond-4






Diamond never fully settled in and her mom thought maybe she just wasn’t able to give Diamond the time and attention she needed. Due to this, Diamonds mom made the heart wrenching decision to turn her back over to us in hopes she would find a more suitable home.  

Please let us know if you’d be interested in meeting Diamond and spread the word!

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