(21) Facebook.clipularGrass Roots Rescue Society, which received IRS approval of 501(c)(3) status in 2014, has two primary objectives:

1) Rescue dogs and cats and get them adopted;

2) Spay/neuter and provide life-saving veterinary care for rescued dogs and cats.  When funds allow, we also people with limited income get vet care for pets.

Since GRR was founded in August 2013 by Karli Swope, we have saved about 200 animals (as of 10/14).  GRR is operated completely by volunteers.  There are no employees and no compensation for the directors on the board.   Private veterinarians and/or animal hospitals provide medical care for dogs and cats and spay/neuter.  Of course, we search for discounts and special clinics whenever possible.

kittens together

GRR volunteers foster, transport animals to the vet and handle all fundraising and administrative activities.  We are committed to minimizing our costs so we can save as many lives as possible.  We would love to have your help –  tell us about what activities interest you on our contact form.

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    VERY NICE SITE!!!!!!

  2. jeanine givens

    abbey the little dachshund that was hurt in the back yard that grass roots rescue helped out is doing some what better can wiggle her tail now and has a great appetite. she is still paralyzed in her back legs but seems to be getting her strength back and tries to stand a little. this is her third week going forth since it all happened. thank god for people like kaili and her supporters that helped our abbey out and us. my husband is working on a wheelchair for her for the upcoming weeks. thank you all for all your help.

    1. Karli Swope

      I’m so glad we were able to help Abbey out. You guys are a great family, and I appreciate your wanting to give back and help out. Really means alot to us GRR girls :)

  3. Ken Drerup

    Buddy has been with us for one day and is doing great. Sweet dog. The Scotties seem to be accepting him pretty well. Please tell us how we can contribute to Grass Roots.

  4. John H. Kruck

    My wife and I own a home in south jersey. I saw your post about PJ in Facebook. Could you e-mail me all the info that you can about PJ. Were very interested. Sincerely John H. Kruck. P.S. I am Facebook friends with both Nancy and Deby.

  5. Kelly

    Hi I was wondering if u could take 10 kittens and 3 mothers of them. I can not take care of them and if I don’t place them somewhere my landlord I will be evicted I can not have them here. I emailed Josie cats at the beginning of the week and thru have not responded . Please can u help me some how thank you and have a great day. I need help like ASAP. The mother cats are 2 yrs old and the kittens are 12,11 and 10 weeks . Thank u very much. Kelly

  6. Jay B. Ives

    Here we go again. My father Robert is now very interested in a dog. You were kind enough to phone 2 weeks ago about Maggie a hound. He has been trying to replace his dog a German Sheppard who he got through his sister who house trains seeing eye/lead dogs. This has not been succesfull. We have a mutual friend Katie, in fact I think we have met on serveral occasions.

    You can call my father Bob (Robert) at 302-644-1494. He needs a well trained fairly docile dog. My father is 83 and needs the dog to walk several times a day. We live at Cape Shores in Lewes with no back yard but live right across from the beach. Him and my mother Francis miss there dog and need the companionship. I live at the house and help to look after them and their dog.

    Again the phone number is 302-644-1494

    Thank you for all you do.

    Jay B. Ives

  7. Barbara Pompper

    I am at my whits end, I rescued several cats during bad winters. And a couple were pregnant at the time. Now that they are bigger and older it is getting harder to care for them all. Have been trying to find homes for them but no luck yet. Only other thing I can do is put them back outside, and that will lead to more problems as we both know. My health is not the greatest and I am afraid of something happening even though have them deprecated. This is not good for them. They are friendly and socialized, been around dogs. Please is there anyway you can help?? It’s very upsetting to me. Thank you in advance Barbara Pompper

  8. Brook Caillouette

    Thank you so much for helping Scooty and me!! We just left him at Middletown Veterinary Hospital for his surgery. I would have had to put Scooty to sleep if not for your help. You have my eternal thanks and gratitude! What a terrific organization and a huge blessing for me, Scooter, and Scootys animal siblings!!


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